Investing in a
better travel

Throughout our 90-year history, our business has evolved with the changing world. From pandemics to civil unrest and the ongoing impact of climate change, our family continues to take a long-term view to ensure we can continue to deliver unforgettable travel experiences for generations to come. Our current strategy will deliver the financial stability required to carry us through COVID-19 and beyond, while leading the way for the industry.

Our Strategic Priorities Include


Creating more local travel opportunities so our customers can explore their home in new ways


Investing and upgrading our fleet and properties during periods of downtime (more here)


Simplifying and streamlining our business to focus on our strengths (more here)


Partnering with industry and Government to lead the safe and sustainable recovery of travel (see list here)


Excelling in leadership, compliance and governance to enable future success (Our Board of Directors)


Protecting the environment and communities we operate in for a sustainable future (One Tomorrow Foundation)