Our vision and values

An insatiable curiosity to discover all that the world has to offer along with a love of adventure has driven the McGeary family to find new ways for people to visit the corners of the earth. Every trip is an opportunity to help people get a little more out of life and the family’s values continue to unite all APH people and guide a consistent way of working across the group.

Make passion contagious

Promote positivity over negativity. Look for opportunity out of failure. Inspire others with energy and optimism.

Find a better way

Determined. Entrepreneurial. Don’t give up easily. Be energised by new ideas and solving problems. Never satisfied with the status quo – things can always be better.

Have a go

Failure is part of learning. Try new things, lean in, build new knowledge and skills and take calculated risks.

Make it matter

Make a positive impact today and for tomorrow. The long game trumps the short game. Take responsibility and be accountable for your impact. Sustainable business practices.