APT Travel Group owner Geoff McGeary hands over to the next generation

After 6 decades leading the APT Travel Group, owner Geoff McGeary is delighted to confirm the company is now in the capable hands of his children, Robert McGeary and Lou Tandy.

In a recent interview with Adam Bishop from Travel Daily and Travel Bulletin, Rob and Lou, now the driving force behind ATG, shared insights into the company’s future.

Within the interview, Lou Tandy humorously recalls her father’s advice: “don’t stuff it up,” reflecting the weight of inheriting a successful legacy. However, Tandy highlights her father’s enduring business ethos—prioritising customers and planning for the long term. With a foundation laid during their upbringing, both Rob and Lou express gratitude for the opportunity and bring over 47 years of combined directorship to their new roles.

The feature unveils APT’s recent triumphs, including the launch of the Mekong Serenity and the upcoming MS Estrela. APT’s commitment to innovation remains strong, with two new ships anticipated in 2025, set to redefine luxury river cruising.

As APT Travel Group enters this new chapter, the legacy of Geoff McGeary lives on, guiding Rob and Lou with a spirit of adventure, a commitment to improvement, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Read the interview here.